Introducing Bryant (aka Yarnspinner)!


Yeah, that’s me. No, don’t look for a photo because I don’t have a decent one of me….yet. I’ll work on that and get back to you.

I have always been fascinated by photography, even when I did not take an active interest in it. I remember the wonderful feeling of watching the images appear on the paper while watching my Dad work in his darkroom when I was a little boy. Dad had a 35mm camera and for a time it was a nervous time around the house because you never knew when he would pop around the corner and snap a picture! He shot a lot of black and white because that was what he developed himself. I got my first camera (a small box camera made out of bakelite with a viewfinder you had to look down into) during a family vacation to Missouri when I was quite young. I honestly don’t remember the photos I took but I remember how neat it was to have a camera of my own. Unfortunately, when my family moved a few years later, there wasn’t a place in the new house for Dad’s darkroom and photography faded back as an active family interest.

Later, after I was in college, I acquired a 35mm camera of my own and took a lot of pictures with it. It was snapshots, family vacations, a few attempts at lunar eclipse shots…nothing in the “art” vein at all. I had that camera for just a couple of years when it was stolen when my apartment was burglarized. Being in college and having very limited resources, replacing the camera took a low priority.

When point-and-shoot digital cameras started becoming affordable, my wife and I took the plunge with a Kodak EasyShare (sorry, I don’t remember the model). It was really neat to be able to take pictures and see them on the computer practically immediately. I was already a “denizen of the ‘web” and digital image captures were just another aspect of it.

I made do with various point-and-shoots for several years and during that time I started taking my photos more seriously. I learned a few concepts here and there and received some encouragement at times when I really needed it. As I approached what many consider a “milestone birthday”, I kept looking at dSLR cameras. My lovely wife, who was constantly seeing me drool over webpages and photography websites, told me to pull the trigger and get the camera for my birthday. (I’ve told my wife that it’s cheaper than a Corvette! šŸ˜‰ )

It’s been a few months since I got my dSLR and I’ve been trying to take photos every day. I’ve learned a lot from listening to several podcasts about photography. I highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their photography skills listen (and participate in the related forums) to these podcasts:

Tips From The Top Floor Chris Marquardt knows his stuff!
The Digital Photography Show Scott Sherman and Michael Stein always bring good information to their podcast.
This Week In Photography Scott Bourne and the regular ensemble of experts produce a great resource for information and advice.

Well, that’s it for now. I will write more later, but in the meantime keep checking back as I plan to use this site as a gallery for my photography.

If you have a camera, get it out and start shooting! If you don’t, get one and start shooting!

Keep shooting!



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