Flickr: Asleep at the wheel? …or just plain indifferent?

With the flap over the Myxer situation, you would think that a company who constantly states that their “community” is of utmost importance (like Flickr does) would respond with some kind of reassurance that they are on top of the problem and are developing a solution.

Not so with Flickr.  Despite the fact that it was through their API that many people (possibly even yours truly) have had their legally-protected copyrights violated by Myxer, Flickr has yet to provide even an apology, much less a remedy, for this violation.  While Flickr did not violate the copyrights, they definitely “aided and abetted” Myxer to do so.  Myxer did the right thing by stopping the problem when it was pointed out to them, but they lost any credit due them for that by denying that they were guilty of copyright infringement (Hello, Myxer!  Distribution of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder IS copyright infringement!  Ignorance (of the law or just in general) is no excuse!).

So…what to do about it.  Well, I’m in the process of figuring out where I will move my photos.  Yes, I WILL be leaving Flickr.  The only question now is where I will go.

Smugmug is looking like a favorite to win this race…..

For the best overall reference for background and other links concerning this, see Scott Bourne’s article at TWIP.


One Response to “Flickr: Asleep at the wheel? …or just plain indifferent?”

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