Time flies…

The month of July has just flown by.  Between work (both the typical stuff and special projects), moving my portfolio to Photrade, making the final push to finish the initial pass through the images from the Ocracoke trip last month (see my Ocracoke 2008 gallery at Photrade), and trying to figure out the best (and cost-effective) backup strategy for my images…well, this month has just about exhausted itself.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Bea and I left Ocracoke…but it was almost a full month ago!

The first thing was work.  The first week of every month is always rough because of monthly scheduling.  Totally expected but still a rough week.  The good news was that there was a holiday at the end of that week. Four day work-weeks are always good.  I even got the chance to do a bit of shooting (camera, not firearms) that weekend.

After that there was the whole thing with Flickr/Myxer and the sense of urgency in getting my portfolio moved to Photrade.  At first it was a case of “gotta get everything from Flickr to Photrade” that kept me busy (my wife probably thinks the word obsessed is more appropriate) this week.  Then it changed to “gotta finish the initial pass through all of the Ocracoke images for processing” (that took some time because I shot about 1200 images during the week).

While doing that, I’ve been listening to various podcasts and realized my need for a good backup strategy for my images.  That’s what I’m thinking over now and the task seems quite daunting to me.  Oh, well, I’ll figure it out today and hope to get started on it sometime this weekend….as well as get out and shoot more images.

Which leads me back to what started this rambling post.  I just realized that all of the images I’ve shot since the Ocracoke trip are still on the camera.  I’ve not touched a single one of them and, frankly, don’t remember exactly what all is on there.  I guess I’ll find out this evening when I get home from work and download them to see.  I’m guessing there will be a bit of “what the heck is that?” and “what was I thinking?” but there is also likely to be a bit of “oh wow! I don’t remember doing that!”

Life’s too short for it to pass by this quickly.  Where’s the brake!  Shoot something so you can remember the fast times when you reach the slow times.  We have these memory machines for a reason–don’t just let yours sit there.  Use it!  Even if you wait a month or more to see what you’ve captured.


2 Responses to “Time flies…”

  1. Nice photos! The pelicans were great, I’ve never seen them congregate like that.
    Back up those images!

    1200 wow, I thought I was hardcore on trips. I used to take 700 or so for a week long trip but I don’t do that much anymore…too much time to process them all. Now the only time I shoot that many is if I’m bracketing exposures.
    Added you as a contact on Pho.

  2. Thanks, Tim! Those pelicans were on Beacon Island which is a bird sanctuary and nesting site for the pelicans. Definitely worth the trip!

    Working on the backups as we speak! Thinking of using Carbonite or a service like that as well.

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