Photrade: “Share, Protect, Get Paid”*

* Partial quote from a comment made by timsdd to this blog post a few weeks ago.

Any of you who have been reading my blog (and those of you who know me personally have probably gotten an earful from me about it, too) know that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the “share” and “protect” parts of the Photrade experience.  The recent addition of the expanded photo stats, contests, groups, and events sections has only enhanced an already great service and I’m loving it even more.

“Share” is what photographers always want to do.  Scott Bourne has stated many times that for a photographer to be successful, they have to do three things: (1) Show the work, (2) Show the work, and (3) Show the work.  In the Web 2.0 world that means some kind of photo-sharing website like Photobucket, Flickr, Smugmug, and now Photrade.

“Protect” is what photographers need to do regarding their copyrights.  Unfortunately, in this Web 2.0 world of ours copyright infringement has been rampant not only where photos are concerned, but with just about everything from software to books to music.  Photrade is serious about helping their patrons protect their copyrights.  The focus on security and emphasis on copyright protection through their HyperPhocal learning center shows that they not only pay lip service to the idea of copyright protection–they put actions to their words!

“Get Paid” is what we all want.  For some the amount is important.  For others, its the respect that a customer shows by actually paying for the right to possess a copy of the photographer’s work.  Both philosophies should be happy because Photrade has made it possible for the photographer to set his or her own price structure for their work.

That brings me to the point of this post.  As of today, I can fully comment on the full statement that timsdd made because I made my first two sales through Photrade this morning.  They came from out of the blue and from trading messages with the buyer, I’m sure it is a mutually satisfying experience (after I took care of the one technical glitch that was totally MY fault.  Thanks, John!  May they bring you as much enjoyment as they’ve brought me!).

Photobucket….only had my photos stolen and received no response from them.

Flickr….only had my photos stolen and received no response from them.

Photrade….was paid for prints of my images and hear from top management from time to time.

‘Nuff said.  Photrade rules!


5 Responses to “Photrade: “Share, Protect, Get Paid”*”

  1. YES! Gettin’ paid @ the Photrade!
    Congrats on the sales…it is quite a fine feeling indeed, is it not. Not to mention @ some point the ad rev will show up. It’s like free money 😀

    & Thanks for the plug 🙂

  2. DBJohnson,

    I’d like to second your comments on copy right protection and offer my views on why is important to me as a buyer of art.

    The artist needs to feel that they can post their work on the web without being ripped off so that people like me can view the work and then make a purchase. Prior to the internet it was mostly by gallery hopping that a buyer could view fine art photography for purchase. For me, gallery hopping was a slow and cumbersome way to buy art. Anything that would now reduce the quantity and quality of art photography on the web would be bad for me hence the need for protection.

    I like fine visual art (paintings, prints and photos) and, on occasion, I’ll buy something that strikes me, if can afford it. Possessing visual art is like owning a jewel; it sets itself apart from the environment through brilliant colors and creative layout. Furthermore, the very best of visual art will reveal itself over time as the viewer comes to understand its ‘message’. These attributes of beauty and ‘message’ are enriching. The web provides access to art in a way no other medium can. Once access is provided, the viewer can decide if they want enjoy the full enriching potential of the art by having the physical ‘thing’. Anyway, this is how I explain it to my wife every time I bring home another ‘thing’ 🙂

    At the end of the day, having access to an abundant selection of fine art photography on the web is important to me as a buyer. That selection will shrink if the artist does not have copy right protection, which, in turn, will affect the richness of my life.

  3. Wooohoooo – congrats on your sale 🙂

    And thanks for the kind words about Photrade – we are really excited about the photography community that we are building!

    – Krista

  4. […] morning I found this post by Photrader […]

  5. @John: You’re comments echo my own feelings 100%. Enjoy the prints!

    @Krista: Thanks for the ‘grats! Just doing my part to spread the “Photrade gospel”…Photrade is the best site around for providing my top three priorities in photography–Share, Protect, Get Paid!

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