A new project…(uh…make that “A FIRST project…”)

I think I need to get a bit more focus in my photographic life.  To that end, I’m starting a project.  (You know, I originally typed that as “I’m starting a new project” and then I realized that I’ve never done a project…so I had to change it.  Sorry for the aside, but I found it both interesting and humorous…and it IS my blog.  Now back to the regularly unscheduled typing….) I’ve been listening to back episodes of Jeff Curto’s Camera Position podcast and he has really been touting the concept of using a project as a creative tool to keep yourself focused.

So what should I choose for my project?  What should I entitle my project?  Those have been questions that have been running through my head most of the afternoon.  I’m not starting completely from scratch on this because I have a rough idea what I will use as my first project.   While my portfolio is disjointed and disorganized (primarily, because I’m still a beginner and am still finding what I enjoy shooting), a large portion of my work thus far has been of subjects that are members of the plant kingdom (flowers, foliage, etc).  Plants are patient with a photographer still learning his equipment and you don’t have to have a model release…easy peasy!

The whole idea of starting a project started germinating in my gray matter last week when I had one of those “moments of clarity” and I saw the subtle beauty that resides in a single leaf on a fig tree.  Much to my dogs’ chagrin, I immediately turned around and went back into the house for my camera (don’t worry, this was in the back yard so they still got to play…I threw the ball and stick for them after the light was no longer ‘magic’) and shot several images of just one fig leaf.  The images sat on the memory card of my camera until this weekend when I was finally able to download and process them.  The insight I had tapped into while taking the photos returned and processing them images was the same type of thrill.  The contrast of light veins and dark leaf membrane…the sharp edge of the leaf against soft bokeh…the vibrancy of the green against the muted background.  Everything just started to fall into place.

So…what is the focus of this project and what title will I use?  Let the suspense end, my friend!  The project will focus on the structures that make up plants.  The veins in the leaf…the roots that support the tree…the intricate parts that make up various flowers.  The unifying theme is the underlying structure of the plants depicted.  As for a title, I don’t have a final title as yet but I will use the working title of “Plant Structure”.  As the project progresses, I may decide to narrow it even more and focus on certain plants.  At this time, though, I’m going with it as it currently stands.

If any of you, dear readers, have comments or suggestions on my project (or anything else you’ve read here on my blog), please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the different methods listed in the Contact Me tab at the top of this page.  I look forward to hearing from you.


One Response to “A new project…(uh…make that “A FIRST project…”)”

  1. >I saw the subtle beauty that resides in a single leaf on a fig tree<

    Yes DB, exactly.

    For me the greatest joy of being an photographer is learning how to ‘see”. I mean really really See. Being able to See allows you to make those things that are common place special and then make that specialness visible in order to share it with others. As a photographer, one of the greatest gifts and biggest challenges is being able to pull the extraordinary out of the ordinary. On one level there could be nothing more ordinary than a leaf; and yet, in gifted hands there is much more than can be revealed. Good luck on your project. As you progress it, it would be good to see more of your favorites. – John Guild

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