Ending 2008 right and back in the saddle for 2009

Sell photos on photrade | By DBJohnson

Back from my trip to the Outer Banks and have lots of keepers for my portfolio!

My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by spending a week on Ocracoke Island. With it being the off season, everything was very quiet and peaceful (although, I’ve got to say that Ocracoke is quiet and peaceful even during the height of the tourist season) and we took the opportunity to exercise the photographic muscles.  As those who know me personally can atest, work has been overwhelming for me the past three months and this chance to really get back into my photography was just what I needed!  Photography is my creative outlet.  It is how I leave the “corporate cog” part of me behind and let my spirit soar and explore the world around me.  The demands of work and the responsibilities of being an adult in our modern era pulled me away from my avocation.

Now I’m back in the saddle and finding just how much I’ve missed riding this horse.  I had the opportunity to take the time to find some of the photographs that were hiding around me.  I rediscovered my passion for this medium and I’m looking forward to a much more productive 2009.

Feel free to check out my photos at Photrade.  Comments are always welcome!

UPDATE:  I have received email confirmation and tracking number for the 2008 Portfolio books.  According to the tracking information from Fedex, I should receive the shipment today!  I’ll post a review once I’ve had a chance to evaluate the books.

Sell photos on photrade | By DBJohnson

Sell photos on photrade | By DBJohnson


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